Behavior-based store optimization provides a unique basis for making the right decisions and making effective store changes.


Time is the customer’s most valuable asset, and through insight into the customer’s behavioral pattern, you can now understand what it takes to choose to spend their time in your stores.


We know how efficient stores provide greater customer satisfaction and sales. Customers not only prefer shops that are easy to shop, but they will also be exposed to more products, spend more time and thus shop more.


Too many decisions regarding concept and store development are based today on syncing and feeling gut.


With our experiences, tools and methods, you get objective facts as a basis for decision making in the work of future store optimization.

Health Check

Most stores can, with simple measures, achieve 5 percent growth. With the help of digital customer flow analysis, Storefact highlights where the store’s growth potential lies. You get a clear picture of how the store and its layout affect the customers, as well as input to small and large areas of improvement for optimization.

Concept Analysis

The analysis helps to evaluate how well a concept works in practice and how it affects the customer’s behavior and movement pattern in the store. Here we provide insights that can help to sharpen the concepts further and ensure that they deliver according to the goal before they are rolled out on a larger scale.


The method is based on pre- and post-measurement in a rebuilding process. The preliminary analysis provides good insight into how the current design works, and thus valuable input to measures and changes before the rebuilding phase. The post-measurement highlights the impact of the new changes that have been implemented and the basis for further improvements.


By using customer flow analyzes for new establishments, one can quickly assure quality that the store presents according to the expectations and plans that were used for the design. Often you have to adapt the layout from the optimal concept and template you have established. The results are put into perspective by comparing with other stores in the chain in order to identify problem areas early and make necessary adjustments.


Customer flow analysis is an ideal method for comparing performance levels between different stores in the same segment. By comparing high performance stores with those who deliver on a lower level, you will be able to identify actual causes for different levels of performance.

Other depth analyzes

The method is also used for more specific areas in the store, such as department, shelf or product level, to go into depth on customer behavior in the area. This can also be a measurement of established truths or the concrete hypothesis that the chain works for.

"Time is the customer's most valuable asset, and through insight into the customer's behavioral pattern, you can understand what it takes to choose to spend their time in your stores."